Express Courses

Express Courses

Spatial Analysis of Coastal Environments by A/Prof Sarah Hamylton

Sarah will outline some fundamental principles of spatial modelling, before using field data to demonstrate a widely applicable framework for developing a spatial model of coral cover on the reefs at Lizard Island.

Sarah’s work brings spatial analysis together with art-science collaboration, mapping and fieldwork adventures. 

Sarah enjoys spending time in coastal environments, particularly bobbing about on boats, floating above reefs and walking on beaches with our dog. She loves finding new ways to explain and predict how the coast behaves, particularly through spatial analysis.

She is also passionate about eating burritos, reading about uncontacted tribes and dreaming up adventures with my family (in no particular order).

Extreme Value Analysis by Dr Dave Callaghan

Extreme value analysis is ubiquitous in coastal and ocean engineering, ranging from water levels through to their impact such as coastal erosion and loads on structures. The underlying theory has been evolving with new methods being rolled out regularly by mathematicians, which are generally easily to apply using fit-for-purpose freeware they develop. The role of the scientist or engineer compared with the mathematician, is that we process measurements into suitable input and use the resulting output. This session will look into the key aspect of that input development and assessing the outcomes. In particular, we will touch on IID, mixed data, fitting approaches and tests, when to use truncate or full model approaches, what about the gamma distribution and tools.

Before joining the University of Queensland, Dave Callaghan held positions within industry including Parsons Brinckerhoff and Lawson and Treloar and research sector including Nederlands Instituut voor Ecologie and the University of Queensland. He is a member of the Coastal Engineering editorial board and the author of a several book section and more than 100 other technical documents with applied and research applications. He has worked recently with private and government organisations to improve understanding of extreme coastal weather responses. He is recognised for leading edge research in coastal engineering including statistics of extremes, beach erosion from extreme events, physical and biological interactions of salt marshes and coral reefs, lagoon dynamics and wave propagation.

The AusYCSEC series is organised and held on what was and always will be the land of Aboriginal , Torres Strait Islander and Maori people. We acknowledge and pay our respect to the Custodians of this land, Elders, past present and emerging. We acknowledge the many Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Maori peoples who have made an important contribution to this land and community, and continue to do so.

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